Thursday, 25 October 2012

Seasons Of The Day - Denise Martin

Seasons Of The Day

Denise Martin

Gisborne, VIC

Misty morning cobwebs hang suspended,
A strand of white haze wreathes the purple range.
We see which face the mountain has extended,
Each morning when the moon and sun exchange.

The purple haze of midday summer heat
Invites the bees to court the open heads.
They dangle from the lips to coat their feet,
Dipping them into saffron pollen shreds

As evening silver dusk begins to creep,
The lights like stars come out again to play,
And living things prepare themselves for sleep,
Renewing life force for another day.

At last the blanket night is drawn around
As all the daylight noise is stilled once more,
A distant warning bark the only sound.
We sleep to dream, once more the soul restore.

Bio: Denise says she is fortunate enough to live in the beautiful Macedon Ranges, with a panoramic view of the mountain range. She witnesses weather changing, the sun rising and setting, thunderstorms raging, and these prompted this poem.

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  1. Wonderful imagery. I like this piece very much!


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