Friday, 11 May 2012

Big Moon Rising - Robyn Lance

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Big Moon Rising

Robyn Lance

Yarra via Goulburn, NSW

After choir in the city, women’s work songs
weave through my mind like the road north
to the Lake, Collector and home.
I let them have their way and as I sing
the solid curve of a bright, bold moon rises
above the mauve depths of overlapping hills.

Teasing in and out of view, it becomes a ball so immense,
so round and perfect that surely,
soon, it will roll off its unseen perch and bounce
in random trajectories between the stars
until, in one final arc, it falls into place, glinting
like a new minted coin in my slice of sky.

Robyn has had poems stenciled on metal plates for the Poetry-the Indelible Stencil project, had a poem commissioned in 2011 for Canberra’s ACTION buses, and won the 2010 David Campbell Poetry Prize. Robyn has been published in Best Australian Poems, Island, Quadrant, FourW, Five Bells, POetrix, LiNQ and Australian

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  1. Beautifully written with wonderful imagery. I especially like 'womens' work songs weave through my mind like the road north...'


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