Friday, 11 May 2012

Back to the Future and Forward to the Past … - James Craib

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Back to the Future and Forward to the Past …

James Craib

Wentworth Falls, NSW

By any stretch of the imagination, we now look towards the constellation of the stars.
Any time now humanity, bored to death with the desecration of the Earth, 
Considers the worth, the possibility, not to mention the futility, of the colonisation of Mars. 
Krakatoa had a major blow a hundred years and score ago.

To date, we have tried to emulate the same destructive force at Hiroshima. 
Of course it hadn’t the same charisma as the ‘big bang’ archipelago.

There are subtler ways to make the third world pay the price and stand attention.
Harvest all remaining trees, increase the salting of the seas, and lacerate the soil.
Extend the use of dwindling oil reserves, keep solar power in suspended animation.

For it simply wouldn’t do to stop mining coal for China too – they’d lose face!
Understand please, you snivelling heretic ‘greenies’, we own the land, 
This was planned ... by our accountants; who keep climate scientists firmly in place.
Under our benevolence, we maintain malevolence in Africa – they must pay their debts.
Respect is what we require. So what if we set fire to the Brazilian jungle?
Expect a new resort soon at the Warrumbungles, plus kennels for our pets!

And all this foolish talk of saving whales, we break into gales of laughter.
Nobody ever talks about saving sheep or chickens or loses sleep about cows.
Desperate executives or politicians don’t keep vows; time always in the hereafter. 

Forget about the melting of the Antarctic, it’ll make penguins warmer!
Over the land that’s left, bereft of trees, instead we’ll build a museum.
Right next to the mausoleum; it’ll be a fitting tribute to the former
Wildlife? Now there’s a contradiction in terms when comparing human excreta.
Adolf never worried about maintaining status quo, white is right.
Russians never knew what hit them when old Joe blew in from Georgia,
Duce didn’t abstain from the conquest of Abyssinia, a grin from ear to ear.

To give an inch is to give in to fear; Nero just fiddled and slew Agrippina.
Of course Freud’s perpetual riddle is that we love/hate both our parents – queer!

That of course should be left to the clergy; they aren’t allergic to dispensing affection.  
Happily now we have a dinkum saint who didn’t faint at exposing paedophilia.
Except of course, when it’s necessary we intervene to stop inappropriate publicity.

Please don’t be mean Mary, or cross – you’re the boss. Soon there’ll be a marketing bonanza!
An image of a nun on everything from ash trays to t-shirts; no bad habits, free at last
So excuse the pun, people will scurry like rabbits to buy, don’t try to understand,
This was planned. Back to the future and forward to the past... 

James Craib
Wentworth Falls, NSW


  1. Well done James. Makes one think. Quite deep in a humerous way.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Janet, your support is much appreciated! - James

  3. Fabulous James! This one has it all. I'm with you Jan.

  4. As one of the 'greenies' I can't help saying this is great - one of your best yet, thanks Jim! Gill


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